Hey! How's it goin'?

Small Group Productions is a new company made up of many talented Individuals. Our goal is to make amazing games that will go down in history as some of the greatest. Right now, SGP is transitioning from a BASIC programming language to C++ so that we can widen our market.

Our Focus used to be mainly in 2D games, and as this web site matures, some of the drafts from the games will show up for you to play. However, now that we are moving to C++, our focus is going to move to 3D games.

Our current project is a big one. Before, Small Group was only making games for the PC. However, recently, we have come to realize that the gaming market as moved from PC's to the Xbox 360. As the market as adapted, so shall we. There is a contest around that offers a deal to get Small Group on the map. The prize also includes an Xbox Live Arcade publishing deal. Right now, we are striving to obtain that prize by working on a fantastic project. The project is a 3D FPS game that is sure to push the envelope in graphics, game play, and an emotional story.

Small Group is a relatively new company. But Small Group is ready for the big time. The company has everything it needs to succeed. From talented programmers to 3d and 2d artists and all the way to budding musicians.