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Track Update

Hmm… Its been quite some time since I had time to post anything. I have been crazy busy lately making sure I get reasonable marks in school. But anyway, Track has had some interesting additions. The really big news is that Track will be showcased at Mass DiGI’s Game Challenge event on March 2. Track […]

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So it has been awhile since I wrote anything here. But quite a lot has happened. The last thing I wrote about was the Xbox play test of some Small Engine stuff. I don’t exactly know how to sum that up. I am no longer working on the Small Engine, and I am not sure […]

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The Small Engine. The Xbox

Today marked our first “play test” of our small little engine. After spending an hour or so plodding through Microsoft’s rules for developing a project onto the Xbox 360, the project finally showed up on the big screen. Everyone was very excited for about 2 seconds before the heart stopping lag kicked us in the […]

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The Small Engine. Music

I’ve been working on some audio code to give the small engine a nice little one up on common music systems. Maybe a lot of games do this and I just don’t notice, but I was inspired by one of¬†Introversion updates to make a nice audio system that would allow us to change the feel […]

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The Small Engine. Looks

The physics stuff in the last post started to fall apart, and the reason for that was their 2D collision code. Their collision code was, more than awful. That inspired me to find a better way. And that inspired me to write an entire new shape class. And as I looked into the matter, I […]

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The Small Engine. Physics

There isn’t much to say, except that Small Group needs their own engine, an engine that thousands of jealous indie developers will wish to have because it is just so awesome. I am aware that there are already a lot of tools out there to use so as to avoid the creation of an ‘engine’. […]

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Intel Indie Fund of Fun

Intel is trying to get their new netbook appstore off the ground by providing a challenge or two to indie developers (like sgp). The challenge is, “give us your game by the end of march, and maybe we will give you some money”. The mere hope of cash is enough for me to jump on […]

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